Perseverance: Was that October 19 Go/No Go meeting or is it postponed?

it said in a statement: On October. 19, team members will hold a „go/no go“ meeting to determine if they’re willing to put sample tubes there (Sample-cache Depot), said NASA planetary science chief Lori Glaze during a briefing.

Was that October 19 Go/No Go meeting or is it postponed?

Will NASA and the Perseverance team make a statement to the interested public about the “Go/No Go” meeting?

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Christian Dauck

The October 19th meeting did occur, and I encourage you to call in for the MEPAG meeting (open to all) next week if you’d like to hear more about the details.

Research Scientist | Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Das ist ja interessant, OK das Go/No Go Meeting hat statt gefunden. Der Termin wurde teils halb Offiziell kommuniziert, das war in den Raumfahrt-Nachrichten mehr eine Randnotiz und das auch nur auf Englisch. Keine große NASA Ankündigung wie man Sie eher gewohnt ist.